Field to Processing

The growing process at BC Frozen Foods Ltd. commences with the development of long standing relationships with quality local growers.

Field Managers work very closely with our growers in field selection and preparation, planting, fertilization, growth monitoring, pesticides, irrigation and harvest schedules. Our high quality is partly due to the close proximity of our facilities with local farming operations. More than 90% of our contracted fields and crops are grown and harvested within 40 miles of our processing facilities. This enables the constant monitoring of maturity, moisture, weed control and tenderness. In addition it provides the convenience of short distance hauls during the harvest season, allowing us to process our fruits and vegetables in the quickest time possible.

BC Frozen Foods Ltd. was one of the first processors in Western Canada to require grower audits and soon will have all growers Canada Gap certified. This enhances the grower food safety commitment and ensures only safe fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered to BC Frozen Foods Ltd. during the harvest season.

Processing to Freezer

Our quality assurance personnel monitor fruits and vegetables throughout the entire process, monitoring critical control points and making adjustments as required to ensure quality and food safety.

Once product arrives at our facility, it is identified with a tracking code and placed in the appropriate pre-processing section. Most crops, such as all fruits and peas, are placed in our main cooler and stored there temporarily until they are called for processing. Our trained staff always feed lines on a “first in first out” pattern, to further ensure product integrity and peak freshness when frozen. It is our philosophy to not over plant and contract beyond the comfortable means and capacity of the facility, and personnel. Product is frozen to a minimum of -2°F and then placed in our cold storage for further repack or bulk distribution.

Freezer to your Brand

Once products are frozen and stored, they are called upon when required for packaging into the various brands and products we manufacture. Ingredients that are not grown regionally are sourced from suppliers that undergo comprehensive reviews to become one of our approved vendors. The combination of our fruits and vegetables and our sourced ingredients allow BC Frozen Foods Ltd. the ability to supply the full line of frozen fruits and vegetables to our customers around the world.

Sourcing Practices

Since all fruits and vegetables don’t grow in Western Canada, BC Frozen Foods Ltd. sources certain products to offer its customers the complete line of frozen fruits and vegetables. Each supplier undergoes rigorous audits and checks which must be approved in order to be a BC Frozen Foods Ltd. vendor. Documentation and review of process flow in conjunction with 3rd party audits and certifications ensures only high quality safe products are delivered to BC Frozen Foods Ltd. Each lot received is assigned a unique identification number that is tracked throughout the process chain from supplier to end user. All inbound products undergo comprehensive microbiology and grading tests to ensure products meet BC Frozen Foods Ltd. and supplier specifications. Once packaged our samples are maintained and tested as part of a retained sample program.